IntelliJ Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ IDEA/ReSharper 2.x)
Show available quick-fixes and context actions Alt+Enter Alt+Enter
Paste multiple Ctrl+Shift+V
Code cleanup Ctrl+E, C Ctrl+Alt+F
Silent code cleanup Ctrl+E, F Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F
Symbol code completion Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space
Smart code completion Ctrl+Alt+Space Ctrl+Shift+Space
Import symbol completion Shift+Alt+Space Ctrl+Alt+Space
Complete statement Ctrl+Shift+Enter Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Parameter information Ctrl+Shift+Space Ctrl+P
Quick documentation Ctrl+Shift+F1 Ctrl+Q
Insert live template Ctrl+E, L Ctrl+J
Surround with template Ctrl+E, U Ctrl+Alt+J
Generate code Alt+Insert Alt+Insert
Create file from template Ctrl+Alt+Insert Ctrl+Alt+Insert
Move code up Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up
Move code down Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down
Move code left Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left
Move code right Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right
Extend selection Ctrl+Alt+Right Ctrl+W
Shrink selection Ctrl+Alt+Left Ctrl+Shift+W
Duplicate a line or selection Ctrl+D Ctrl+D
Comment with line comment Ctrl+Alt+/ Ctrl+/
Comment with block comment Ctrl+Shift+/ Ctrl+Shift+/
Inspect this Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A
Inspection Results window Ctrl+Alt+V
Turn code analysis on/off Ctrl+Shift+Alt+8 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+8

Navigation and Search

Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ IDEA/ReSharper 2.x)
Find Results window Ctrl+Alt+F12 Ctrl+Alt+U
Hierarchies window Ctrl+Alt+H
View type hierarchy Ctrl+E, H Ctrl+Alt+H
File structure Ctrl+Alt+F Ctrl+F11
To-do items Ctrl+Alt+D
Browse stack trace Ctrl+E, T Ctrl+Shift+E
Locate in Solution Explorer Shift+Alt+L Shift+Alt+L
View recent files Ctrl+, Ctrl+E
View recent edits Ctrl+Shift+, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Backspace
Go to previous edit Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
Go to related files Ctrl+Alt+F7 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+G
View bookmarks Ctrl+` Ctrl+`
Go to bookmark Ctrl+[numeric key] Ctrl+[numeric key]
Set/remove bookmark Ctrl+Shift+[numeric key] Ctrl+Shift+[numeric key]
Go to type Ctrl+T Ctrl+N
Go to file Ctrl+Shift+T Ctrl+Shift+N
Go to file member Alt+\ Ctrl+F12
Go to symbol Shift+Alt+T Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N
Navigate to Alt+` Ctrl+Shift+G
Go to type of symbol Ctrl+Shift+F11 Ctrl+Shift+T
Go to declaration F12 Ctrl+B
Go to implementation Ctrl+F12 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B
Go to base symbols Alt+Home Ctrl+U
Go to derived symbols Alt+End Ctrl+Alt+B
Go to usage Shift+Alt+F12 Ctrl+Alt+F7
Go to next member/tag Alt+Down Alt+Down
Go to previous member/tag Alt+Up Alt+Up
Go to next highlight (error, warning or suggestion) Alt+PgDn F12
Go to previous highlight (error, warning or suggestion) Alt+PgUp Shift+F12
Go to next error Shift+Alt+PgDn Alt+F12
Go to next error in solution Shift+Alt+PgDn Alt+F12
Go to previous error Shift+Alt+PgUp Shift+Alt+F12
Go to previous error in solution Shift+Alt+PgUp Shift+Alt+F12
Go to containing declaration Ctrl+[ Ctrl+[
Find usages Shift+F12 Alt+F7
Find usages (advanced) Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12 Shift+Alt+F7
Highlight usages in file Shift+Alt+F11 Ctrl+Shift+F7
Go to previous usage Ctrl+Alt+PgUp Ctrl+Alt+Up
Go to next usage Ctrl+Alt+PgDn Ctrl+Alt+Down


Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ IDEA/ReSharper 2.x)
Refactor this Ctrl+Shift+R Ctrl+Shift+R
Rename Ctrl+R, R F2 or Shift+F6
Move Ctrl+R, O F6
Safe delete Ctrl+R, D or Alt+Del Alt+Del
Extract method Ctrl+R, M Ctrl+Alt+M
Introduce variable Ctrl+R, V Ctrl+Alt+V
Introduce field Ctrl+R, F Ctrl+Alt+D
Introduce parameter Ctrl+R, P Ctrl+Alt+P
Inline variable/method/field Ctrl+R, I Ctrl+Alt+N
Encapsulate field Ctrl+R, E Ctrl+R, Ctrl+E
Change signature Ctrl+R, S Ctrl+F6


Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ IDEA/ReSharper 2.x)
Unit Test Explorer Ctrl+Alt+U Ctrl+Alt+T
Unit Test Sessions Ctrl+Alt+T Ctrl+Alt+R
Close recent tool Ctrl+Shift+F4 Ctrl+Shift+F4
Activate recent tool Ctrl+Alt+Backspace Ctrl+Alt+Backspace

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